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Maintenance & Security

Your brand's online reputation growth is dependent on your website's performance and
content management. Enhancements in; Security, SEO and Page Speed are essential.

Website Maintenance & Support

Getting a website up and running is a vital step for your business, maintaining it running over time is equally a vital requirement so as to keep the content updated and relevant to your audience, avoid performance downgrades by fixing errors and so on.

Regular website maintenance is better explained as online reputation management which should be a periodic checklist of the website health and performance. This includes;

  • General website support and advisory.
  • Managing required content updates.
  • Checking forms and features remain functional.
  • Tracing and fixing arising errors like broken links.
  • Updating the core WordPress & plugin files to their latest releases.
  • Making periodic backups.

Ensure your website is running at full-capacity, growing your traffic and Organizational/Brand credibility.

Maintenance & Support

Speed Up Your Website

An ideal website or webpage should load in approximately 2-3 seconds, which is a turning point for at-least 40% of mobile users who will likely drop or bounce off simply because that’s a poor user experience already.

This means loss of traffic, revenue, Google page ranking and overall reputation. 

There are many factors that contribute to slowing down your website from your hosting server resources, using large un-optimized images or loading many website libraries, to lack of performance optimization.

We are the experts to optimizing and speeding up your website beyond your expectation (1 sec loading) so you don’t loose out on conversions and revenue.

Test this page’s Performance & Speed Index, it’s 99%.

Pay now to get started.

Performance Optimization

Delivering the best user experience on your site is the ultimate aim of performance optimizations. This translates to reduced bounce rate, increasing returning visitors and lead conversions since your audience will not have any major technical frustrations while using your website.

This includes;

  • Mobile responsiveness.
  • PageSpeed optimizations includes Core web vitals.
  • Image optimizations.
  • Increasing user engagement prompts.

This controlled experimenting process is continuous after every significant website updates and monitored periodically to notice what is improving (or not) the user experience and driving business goals.

Performance Optimization
Security Monitoring

Website Security & Monitoring

Your website’s security is of ultimate importance to give confidence to your audience and as well as protect your existing reputation. Make a security checklist of possible loopholes to close down and those to periodically monitor ensuring safety of your website data and that of your customers.

Common threats can range from using an insecure theme / plugin, hosting provider, unset security headers to basic best practices like using SSL, strong passwords and the like. Threats can be discovered in advance and closed off once periodic security checks are done by web security experts. There are online tools available to scan your website to confirm security threats have been dealt with or not, take merit of that.

Make every effort to ensure your website is secured from cyberattacks. 


Frequently asked questions regarding our website maintenance and security services.
Why do I need website maintenance?

All websites need regular maintenance or servicing to enhance the website’s performance and user experience by ensuring arising errors are fixed, content remains updated and relevant, maintain search engine rankings, plugins are updated and insecurity is minimized.

Your website’s online reputation growth and lead generation is dependent on the quality of the maintenance you provide it.

I need an expert analysis on my website

Surely, we have the expertise to analyze your website to give implementable recommendations of opportunities to improve your website user experience, performance, SEO, user interface, functionality and more.

Our rate for this is UGX 50,000 or $15 per hour.

Are you reliable?

We don’t have to do the speaking, our client portfolio does it for us. This is a reflection of how consistent we are over the years with what we offer.

Look at our recent work.

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