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Optimize your WordPress Website for the Best Performance

Delivering the best user experience on your website is the ultimate aim of performance optimizations.
This translates to reduced bounce rate, increasing returning visitors and lead conversions since your audience
will not have any major technical frustrations while using your website.
Performance Optimization

If you are a website owner you obviously need your site to deliver the client conversions as the most-likely end goal of why you setup the website. We all desire to enjoy the fruits in plenty from the websites we setup but what we must acknowledge is the process and hard work required to bridge the dream to the yields.

Without appreciating the process, it is easy to imagine the website would automatically attain your objectives without further maintenance effort a fallacy that usually gifts frustration and sometimes shutting down the site.

A key factor to a delivering website is its ability to render fast and efficiently to your audience since this is the first impression you give them, slow loading web pages with poor performance will frustrate most users thus bounce off your site. Worse off, poor performing websites will give you very low ranking in Search Engines like Google thus distance you from online leads.

How do I confirm my website's performance?

Luckily enough, there are a number of free tools at your disposal to run performance tests for your websites and analyze the opportunities to improve your site and for this discussion we shall consider Google PageSpeed insights.

PageSpeed Insights

WordPress.ug performance rating for desktop by Google PageSpeed Insights, 90+ is the recommended score.

To perform this analysis, simply enter your website’s domain name in Google PageSpeed insights tool as shown above then hit enter or click analyze, take your coffee as you await the results.

How can I speed up my website?

The better performance your website attains, the faster it’ll load, the lower the bounce rate it provides and the better Google rankings you will achieve which converts to higher organic traffic and lead generation.

The top 5 optimization opportunities to take advantage of include;

  1. Optimize your website images.
  2. Do not load un-necessary JavaScript/CSS libraries.
  3. Eliminate render-blocking resources.
  4. Use website caching.
  5. Minify JavaScript/CSS files.

When it comes to driving conversions on your site, speed will always play a big role. Scoring well on the PageSpeed Insights test should be one of your main priorities when trying to perfect and optimize your site.

People don’t want to wait 10 seconds for your site to load when they can click back to Google and select the next result, take advantage of your opportunities.

Need expertise help to do it for you?

We are the WordPress Experts to handle this task for you efficiently and affordably, we will show you your website scores before we start on the task and after to confirm the difference for you to appreciate.

We take advantage of all optimization opportunities that are implementable with your site for the best attainable performance without constraining the website structure / display.

This will cost you a onetime fee of only UGX 500,000/ or $150. To signup now simply email is via [email protected] or open a WPU support ticket.

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Website Optimization FAQs

Frequently asked questions regarding our WordPress Performance Optimization services.
What's should be my expectation when I sign-up?

Nothing less than getting your website well optimized with analysis report of before and after optimization scores. Our promise is a smooth 2-3 days ride with you on this and your website should at-least attain 90% score more depending on how the theme was developed.

We shall make an analysis on day 1 and share with you the available opportunities we shall be implementing with minimal or no downtime. Further more, our final report will come with additional ideas or recommendations to better your website in other areas.

Why is PageSpeed Insights important?

Google uses page speed as a ranking factor because it affects user experience. It may affect your ability to rank higher in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages)

I need additional expertise website services

Surely, we have the expertise to manage your website with website maintenance, support and security, search engine optimizations (SEO), or development services.

If you need only analysis of your website to get implementable recommendations or opportunities to improve your website user experience, performance, SEO, user interface, functionality and more, our rate for this is UGX 50,000 or $15 per hour.

Are you reliable?

We don’t have to do the speaking, our client portfolio does it for us. This is a reflection of how consistent we are over the years with what we offer.

Look at our recent work.

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